PCOS and Avoiding Carbs

I had a checkup for my PCOS yesterday, and my doctor urged me to avoid carbs (2nd doctor now) to mitigate the effects of PCOS, so i’m going to switch from a more liberal paleo/primal way of eating to a more cut and dry primal without the occasional rice and potatoes that i’ve been having. I’ve already been avoiding carbs mostly, but have still had rice, so i’m trying to cut that out now too. Low carb bentos are not that new; alot of people either pack no rice-like items to replace the rice, or they use cauliflower rice, which I used this morning for the first time. It was actually really simple to make – recipe here).

Today’s Bento:

2-4-14 Asian Meatball Bento

Asian Pork Meatballs with Shitake Mushrooms and Wood Ear Mushroom
Steamed Chinese Vegetables (spinach, dou miao [pea shoots], baby bok choy)
Califlower Rice with Salmon Furikake

Time to Prepare: 15 Minutes

The vegetables (steamed) and cauliflower rice (pulsed in food processor then microwaved) were made this morning, but the meatballs were made the night before. I think i’ll make the meatballs one of my bento staples, since they keep well and are super easy to make. Meatball recipe here.


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