Hello Weekend

Finally… it’s Friday. Today’s bento was all made in the morning since we didn’t have leftovers from dinner; shrimp with a little salt and pepper, and Tamagoyaki (egg “omelette”). I sauteed the shrimp in some olive oil first, and then while it was cooling on a plate, I made the Tamagoyaki (2 eggs + 1 tablespoon water + pinch of sugar and salt). For the small amount of sugar in this, I don’t really sweat it, because I can control how much I use. You don’t need very much to lightly flavor the egg either. Then as the Tamagoyaki was resting wrapped up (wrapping in plastic wrap after it’s cooked helps it hold its shape), I sauteed the carrots in a little bit of water just to soften.

Today’s Bento:

2-7-14 Shrimp & Tamagoyaki Bento

Shrimp (cooked in olive oil + salt & pepper)
Cherry Tomatoes
Radishes (I tried to cut them like this, but yeah… fail)
Tamagoyaki (instructions here*)
Sauteed Carrots

Prep Time: 20 Minutes (Tamagoyaki probably took most of the time, but this is often a bento staple people make ahead of time and freeze, so that could cut some time off if you made it ahead of time)

*Note that for the Tamagoyaki, I use a very simple recipe with just egg, water, and sugar (sometimes a little salt). I also cook it in a normal round pan, but the idea is the same, you bunch the first layer to one side, then pour egg to the left of it, roll it up when that layer is cooked, and keep repeating on the next side until you’re out of liquid egg. Then I wrap it in plastic wrap tightly to help it keep its shape, and then slice.


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