Feeling Warmer

The weather has finally started warming up, so I made chicken salad last night and packed it in my bento for today. Normally when it’s cold I probably wouldn’t think about having a cold salad for lunch.

I got these silicone muffin liner things from Jbox too, and decided to try them out today. They’re just barely the right height for the bottom portion of my usual bento box, and I think they definitely wouldn’t fit in my new smaller bento box. One nice thing it does though, is help with portions. As I was filling them with blueberries this morning, I thought “wow these don’t hold alot” but as i’m eating my lunch now I realize the whole bento is probably more than enough and i’m starting to feel full already. Sometimes the eyes just have a bigger appetite than the stomach, you know? I may just be bad at estimating quantities too.

Today’s Bento:


Chicken Salad (chicken breast, carrots, red onions, cucumbers, mayo)
Grape Tomatoes
Half of an Avocado (not pictured)

Prep Time: 10 minutes (mostly filling, then trying to put the lid on, and them removing/shifting things to make the lid close!)


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